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7 Signs that Your Brakes Need Maintenance

For a safe and fully-operational vehicle, properly maintained brakes are essential. Ignoring potential problems with your brakes can be fatal. For this reason, knowing when your car’s brakes need to be repaired or serviced is important.

Here at Colwills, we specialise in car maintenance, including brake replacement. Our guide takes you through all the signs that suggest your brakes may be in need of maintenance. What signs should you be looking out for?

Why is Brake Maintenance Important?

Any driver will know that a car’s brakes work to regulate the speed of your car and stop its motion completely. Simply put, brakes help you control the speed of a car; without working brakes, driving would be chaotic, and serious accidents would be far more likely.

Braking systems have multiple working parts that all need to be fully operational to work effectively.

Regular brake maintenance can save you money on more expensive repairs and replacements later down the line so it’s worth being aware of the signs that something may have gone wrong.

If you think your brakes have become faulty or inefficient, gives Colwills a call. We will be able to advise you about any issues they find and elaborate on what they can do to fix your vehicle.

Your annual MOT assessment provides an opportunity for your brakes to be checked by a professional. However, it can also be helpful to know what you should be looking out for during the remainder of the year.

Reduced Responsiveness

If you start to notice that your brakes aren’t responding as well or as swiftly as they once did, you need to have them checked.

A reduction in the efficiency of your brakes could be due to a number of reasons, including:

• Worn brake pads and discs.

• Issues with the brake fluid.

• Faulty hydraulic system.

A noticeable difference in the way your brakes work is one of the most obvious signs that they need maintenance and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Worn Brake Pads

If you think your brake pads are the issue we can check to see if they have been worn down.

Brake pads cause friction with the disc brake to stop the vehicle moving; as a wearable item they will naturally wear down over time and will need replacing. Some vehicles will have a warning wire in the pad which will trigger a dash light alert when they need replacing. However, sometimes you won’t know if replacement is necessary until you hear them speak or grind.

Brake Fluid Issues

Another essential part of the braking system is the brake fluid. If this is not maintained properly, it can render the brakes ineffective. If you’re unsure about whether your car is due a brake fluid change, ask us here at Colwills; a good time to have your brake fluid change is while your car is in for service.

Contaminated Brake Fluid

If dirt or moisture gets into your brake fluid, the responsiveness of the brakes can be adversely affected. The fluid’s ability to withstand the appropriate pressure can become compromised.

It is also essential that no water gets into your brake fluid as this can freeze and rupture brake lines.

Low Levels of Brake Fluid

If fluid is running low, it can mean your brakes are much slower to respond.

H2: Unusual Sounds

Other very noticeable sign that there is a problem with your brakes can be unusual noises.

If applying pressure to your brakes results in loud squealing, screeching or grinding sounds, it can be a sign of worn discs and/ or pads.

Noises like this can indicate that you need to have the brake pads replaced.

Car Vibrates

Any alarming vibrating of the vehicle or brake pedal after applying the brakes can be a sign that the disc brakes have been warped.

This vibration happens when brake pads make irregular contact with the warped discs. This kind of fault may require a replacement of the discs.

Signs of Leaking Fluid

Another visible sign that something might be wrong is evidence of leaking fluid.

If you notice any unexplained fluid on your inner wheels or the ground underneath, a leak may be the cause. Placing a sheet of cardboard under a suspected leak can be a good way to check where the leak is coming from and its extent.

Leaking brake fluid is a possible sign of worn seals or a loose connection in the system and will require further checks and repairs.

Changes in the Pedal

If you have to push the pedal all the way down to the floor to get a brake response, it could be another sign that your system has a leak.

You should refer to a qualified technician or mechanic if you notice any evidence of a leaky system as it is unlikely you will be able to rectify this yourself.

Warning Light

Luckily, cars come with an in-built warning sign that brake maintenance should be on your mind!

If the brake warning light on your dashboard is on, it is a sure sign that you should get your vehicle checked over.

If your car is experiencing any issues with its brakes or has any other maintenance requirements, why not contact our team here at Colwills and book a service today?

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