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The World’s Most Famous Race Tracks

Many race tracks become just as legendary as the cars and racers that grace their twists and turns. Like the cars themselves, famed circuits will have a unique character all of their own.

Here, we count down some of the most famous tracks in the world and explore what makes them so iconic!

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Let’s start close to home with the Northamptonshire track Silverstone, often named the home of British motorsport. This track is famed for some of the most challenging corners in F1 with many admiring the Copse turn and Maggots/Becketts complex.

The overall journey of the track has undergone some small changes, but numerous new corners have been added over the years. It remains home to a wide range of championships and it a favourite for both fans and drivers.

Nürburgring Nordschleife

Another legendary circuit, this is located in the town of Nurburg in Germany and has historically posed some dangerous challenges.

With 21-km of track and 154 corners, the loop often known as ‘The Green Hell’ includes every type of turn and makes for some amazing sport!

The northern loop, constructed in the 1920s, began to pose too many safety risks and was altered to include a new circuit in 1984. This track continues to make an appearance in all major racing events.


This circuit is situated in the Ardennes region of Belgium and is the home of the Belgian Grand Prix.

The twists around hilly countryside make for a stunning drive, and the track is famed for its renowned corners including the Eau Raidillion complex and Pouhon.

Once again, as safety became an increased concern, the track was altered to accommodate new regulations and reduce risk. However, many fans and drivers will attest that the updated Spa track was able to hold onto its original charm and character.


It is at this race track where the Japanese Grand Prix takes place. Its unique figure-of-8 shape makes for a circuit with varied corners and an unusual configuration.

Originally used as a Honda test track in the 1960s, corners like Spoon, 130R and the Degner Curve stand out today.

It has seen some memorable moments in motorsport history, including the collision between Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost in 1989.

Circuit de la Sarthe

Here, the French track consists of a combination of both race track and public roads. Famed corners include the Dunlop Curve and the Porsche, and Esses curves.

It is most known as the track that hosts the 24 Hours of Le Mans racing which first took place in 1923. The track has a rich history and now also hosts the French Grand Prix in motorcycling.

More Tracks

There are plenty more world-renowned race tracks around the globe to take an interest in. Our mentions here are by no means an exhaustive list. Other famous tracks that deserve admiration include:

• Circuit de Monaco

• Monza

• Laguna Seca

• Mount Panorama

• Interlagos

• Catalunya

Which is your favourite race track?

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