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Car Tyres

We'll get you back on the road.

We appreciate that choosing the right tyres can be confusing - but as it's a vital part of any car, Colwills Garage can provide an efficient, value for money solutions. 

We operate fully fledged tyres centres and carry a wide range of tyres in stock (inc. runflats) at both our workshops. If we don't have your particular tyre in stock, we can in most cases source them for you the very next day.​

We also carry out puncture repairs, computerised

4-wheel alignment and tracking.

How can I tell when my tyres need changing?


The most common sign that your tyres need changing is a noticeable deterioration in performance. For example, your car does not handle or grip the road as well in poor weather conditions as it previously did, or it takes longer to stop when you apply the brakes. Wear on tyres can be a result of the following -emergency braking, misalignment, under inflation or over inflation.

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